Online training

Reveal the secrets of the REACTIVE SHOOTING SCIENCE online!

High performance is no accident — it is the result of focused effort, attention, practice, and commitment. What are the benefits of the online training?

  1. Online Training is Flexible

Online training enables students to learn when they want and where they want.

  1. Online Training Reduces Travel Costs

Unless training is targeted at a particular department within a particular geographic location, training requires travel costs that eat through training budgets fast. Online training allows students to access training materials and courses from anywhere around the world.

  1. Online Training Courses Can be Re-used

While it can be challenging to create high-quality and engaging training programs, once created, they can be used time and time again. Additionally, if the course is offered online through an adequate multimedia platform, students can refer back to the content at their convenience, ensuring that the learning sticks and is directly applied on the desired skills!

  1. Online Training Reaches Far and Wide

Tied into the benefit above, online training provides you will the ability to train either both immediately and in the future. In other words, depending on the course, online training can be utilized years ahead increasing the efficiency of a single course. Gone are the days of being limited to the schedules, travel or physical presence.

We’re excited to announce that we teamed up with Tactical Hyve and we’ve created an unmatched course that is going to absolutely change the game.

It’s called Handgun Mastery PRO, and enrollment is only during certain periods announced in advance. So stay tuned for the upcoming enrollment period!

Just from three short videos, you’ll learn why the name of TPC course, Handgun Mastery, is the perfect name and you’ll learn new things you can implement right away.

It is truly a class for everyone, from beginners to grandmaster pistol shooters, they will all get something out of it. Even other firearms instructors leave with a ton of value from the class.

If you’re ready to have your eyes opened, check out these video series. It’s free and if you own a pistol, no matter what skill level you are, you really ought to watch the series.