To become a successful competitive shooter, four fields of competence need to be developed.


  • Shooting/Marksmanship Skills
  • Athletic/Movement Skills
  • Competition Tactics
  • Mental Management

The hard focus in this course are the principles behind athletic/movement skills, techniques and concepts. Knowing how to move safely and efficiently with a gun in your hand and engage targets sooner is a core skill, necessary to be competitive in the sport of Practical Shooting.


  • Principles of movement and running
  • Bio-mechanical efficiency
  • How to move effectively and safely with a gun – four directions
  • How to move effectively and safely with a gun – four directions
  • Exits and entries
  • Cross step, shuffle step, drop step techniques and application
  • Shooting on the move
  • Lateral movement


  • Quality eye and ear protection (we recommend electronic)
  • 1200 rounds of ammunition
  • Serviceable/safe handgun (corresponding the USPSA divisions rules) and competition practical shooting equipment (rig, belt, and bag pouches)
  • Good athletic shoes that you use in competition (any kind of cleats are recommended but not required)
  • Hat and clothing to suit the weather and the brass. We recommend that high neck shirts be worn.
  • To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring an athletic tape
  • Water/electrolyte drinks/snacks to keep up your energy
  • A notebook/pen or pencil