Ron Avery

Co-Founder | Passed away on Feb 23, 2019

Ron Avery was the co-founder and director of training for The Tactical Performance Center (TPC). A former police officer, as well as a martial artist, Ron brought that experience into the training environment. He was internationally recognized as a researcher, firearms trainer and world-class shooter, and his training methodology has been used by hundreds of agencies and thousands of individuals across the US and internationally. He was a weapons and tactics trainer for handgun, carbine, precision rifle and shotgun, as well as advanced instructor schools, defensive tactics, low light tactics and officer survival.

In every class, and with every student, we try to honor his legacy as the creator of the most effective doctrine for shooting and shooting instruction (“Reactive Shooting Science”).

But for us he was more than just the person that developed the core of the doctrine we teach – he was our friend and our mentor. We miss him every day.

Rossen Hristov

Director of Training

After 7 years in U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, Rossen continued his career as a lead instructor, providing firearms marksmanship development and tactical training in several key international projects in the Middle East.

He designed a methodology and was part of a project for training and development of specialized counter-terrorism unit in the region. He worked together with experts from all over the world including top Israeli instructors, former Royal Dutch Marines, British SAS instructors, specialists from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Rossen also trained contractors from Nepal for period of one year. He is a USPSA Grandmaster in the world of practical shooting sports and part of the CZ-USA shooting team.

Brian Nelson

Lead Instructor

Brian is a multi-division Grandmaster in USPSA, a Master in IDPA, and is winner of multiple world, national and regional titles in various sports as well as major matches in 3 Gun.

He has been a member of multiple United States World Shoot teams. He competes in many matches around the USA and the World, and will travel to about 9 countries competing and training in a typical year.

Brian took 4th place at 2018 Shotgun World Shoot in France. He has been with the company since inception.

Louie Tirona

Lead Instructor

Louie Tirona has been a long time student of Ron Avery, studying pistol craft and defensive skills.

He has integrated much of these lessons along with his primary occupation as high rank law enforcement officer in one of the most active urban jurisdictions in the country. Louie has been able to bring his department’s firearms training to a standard that is rare in the profession.

He developed and introduced Force on Force, scenario-based training for his department integrating firearms and defensive tactics training to develop the complete officer. Louie has been an active contributor to the ongoing debate over police uses of force on a national level.

He has the unique perspective of being involved in all facets of uses of force, from the officer involved perspective to the investigator’s perspective to court experience and managerial review of uses of force. He is a graduate of the Force Science Institute, an avid competitive shooter and life-long martial artist.

Glen Wong

Glen is a USPSA Master and has been a competitor and instructor since the late 1980s. He competes at high levels in USPSA and multigun.

He is also an accomplished martial artist and instructor and is in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Glen is well known these days as the coach for the upcoming Jalise and Justine Williams, who first trained with TPC when they were 10, and are now dominant performers in the practical shooting world at ages 14 and 16.

Mike Bauer

Mike graduated from our cadre development program in 2017. He is an accomplished multi-gun competitor, a match director, and a Master class USPSA shooter.


Imri Morgenstern

A man of two worlds, Imri Morgenstern grew up playing American football and wrestling—but it was immersed in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that he learned how to fight when the stakes are highest. During his military service, Master Sgt. (Res) Imri Morgenstern was an operator with a Special Operations unit, specializing in counter-terrorism warfare, demolition, breaching and hostage rescue. He executed countless missions within his unit as well as other Special Operations teams.

Imri was instrumental in creating the first high-risk breaching squadron in the IDF. He started the first “cold breach” team in the IDF and created SOPs for hostage rescue breaching. He is certified as a hostage rescue breacher/master breacher and breaching instructor.

Additionally, Imri is certified by the IDF as a range officer for a variety of weapons including small arms, RPG, Browning .50mg, LMG, grenades, M203, mortars, demolition, explosives and more. He is also a certified instructor in Martial Blade Concepts, a comprehensive system of edged weapon self-defense. He is proud to have studied under Mike Janich, the system’s creator. Imri’s experience includes instructing force combatives to a myriad of international Special Forces units. Imri has also served as a tactical advisor in the firearms industry.

Imri brings real world combat experience to his instruction. He can teach personal safety and combat shooting techniques to a wide range of people with different orientations and mind sets.

Bobby Johnson

Bobby Johnson served in the US Army as a Light Infantryman. He was first stationed with the 2nd I.D. in South Korea, earning his Air Assault, Javelin Gunner, and Javelin Instructor qualifications.

After a year in Korea, Bobby was transferred to the 10th Mountain Division in Ft. Drum, NY. He was deployed to IRAQ and earned his Combat Infantry Badge in the Baghdad area of operations. In 2018 Bobby began training at TPC and in 2019 was invited in the Instructor Development Program.