TPC Flinch Grinch


FOCUS: Trigger control and “PREP-PRESS” trigger manipulation.

Distance 4 yards

Target: 1-inch dots (Flinch Grinch)

All dots will be shot 1 time each, with the same purpose for all 5 dots of the same row.

All shots will be performed with the use of a timer.  Students will make use of the “micro-steering” shooting style to eliminate any “active recovery” that may interfere with diagnosis of trigger control issues.

Start Procedure:

Students will start with the trigger pinned to the rear, sights aligned on target.

Upon start signal, students will perform the necessary actions to deliver one accurate shot in as short a time period as possible (reset, prep, press)

Main Goals:

To discover trigger control issues that develop under pressure and speed, so that they can be corrected WITHOUT reducing the speed of the trigger manipulation.


Total score will be the aggregate time from the 5 runs divided by 5 – (average time) Point of impact must break the 1-inch dot line. If the shot does not break the 1-inch dot line but is breaking light grey circle, then penalty of 0.30 sec. will be added to the achieved time of the particular run. If the shot is complete miss, then penalty of 3.00 sec. will be added to the achieved time of the particular run.


0.40 sec. or less –   Grand Master

0.50 – 0.59 sec.  –   Master

0.60 – 0.79 sec.  –   Expert

0.80 – 0.99 sec.  –   Distinguished Marksman

1.00 – 1.19 sec.  –   Sharp Shooter

1.20 – 1.49 sec.  –   Disciple

1.50 – 2.50 sec.  –   Wish Master