TPC Gripster

FOCUS: Efficient grip and stance.

Distance 4 yards

Start Procedure:

  • Handgun loaded. Sights on target (top half of Alpha). Trigger prepared for instant first shot, safety disengaged, SA/DA handguns – trigger on SA
  • On timer signal, engage the target with 6 rounds in rhythm
  • Start signal is given with following commands:

Shooter are you ready?


Three, Two, One, Audio Signal from the Timer  


The lowest score point of impact (outer circle) will determine the score. The shooter must have all the hits at least inside the doted circle (Foxtrot) and within 2.5 sec. par time. Hit outside the outer (Foxtrot) circle or overtime shot (over 2.5 sec.) will score as fail to complete the TPC Gripster challenge

Par Time 2.01 – 2.5 seconds

Alpha –    Grip Master

Bravo –    Grip Expert

Charlie –   Distinguished Marksman

Delta –      Sharp Shooter

Echo –      Disciple

Foxtrot –   Wish Master 

Par Time 2.0 seconds and under

Alpha + Bravo – Grip Master

Charlie –   Grip Expert

Delta –      Distinguished Marksman

Echo –      Sharp Shooter

Foxtrot –   Disciple

Par Time 1.8 seconds and under

Alpha –    Grip Grand Master