We measure our success through your success!

Our success is measured by the performance of our students!

We say what we do and do what we say. We use our own doctrine to improve our skills as well. We train our instructors according to our doctrine. And when there is room for improvement, we use that opportunity. Your level of shooting might be different from the person next to you in a class – but you will be as fast and as accurate as possible with your body, mind and weapon.

What our students say:

“These three days were a significant and outstanding training, in which I have enhanced my performance in an impressive way. This is thanks to the method, but also and most importantly thanks to your attention, dedication and excellent way of teaching. It is not uncommon to find great methods taught by mediocre instructors, while in your case I found a professional, courteous, straight-to-the-point and holistic way to teach. The course would not have been the same at all without such qualities I also had the opportunity to see your commitment to your work and everyone around you, with kindness and sincerity. “

– Leonardo

“I’ve taken many classes, and I can honestly say TPC 360 is the best. This is where you learn the fundamentals of shooting and marksmanship. If you have the fundamentals down, you can apply them towards tactical, self-defense and competition situations as well.”

June Egi

“Day and night difference between my shooting ability in just 3 days. Really looking forward to seeing how much more I will improve with more practice.”

Spencer Scheese

“Best firearms training I’ve ever had! TPC 360 classes will make you a better shooter, and for us armed professionals, will greatly increase our ability to win a gun fight or even de-esculate the threat to the point of the bad guy choosing to not enter the gun fight. Definitely World Class Training!”

Tg George

“Beyond amazing! As a fairly competent shooter I was almost without words as to the level of knowledge and application they were able to teach me in 3 short days!”

Kent Higginbotham

Loved attending the Handgun Mastery course! The instructors are some of the best I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming more proficient in their firearms manipulation.”

Colby Page

“Best firearms training I have ever received. If you wanna shoot faster and more accurately, come here and learn.”

Jared Michael

“Most valuable experience yet on the range. Excellent instruction and demonstrations.”

Harold Tate

What our customers say:

“My 4th time at this range. This time I went with a friend who was really nervous about handling real guns or being anywhere near people handling guns. We ended up buying 2 more boxes of 9mm. He was not nervous anymore after the first mag. He was addicted. I had great experience each and every time I went there. The instructors are very knowledgeable, great shooters, always happy to provide advice and really cool. Prices are very reasonable and this is better and cheaper than therapy. It is an absolute pleasure to go there and I guarantee anyone who understands that safety comes first is going to have an amazing time.”


“I come from Germany and stayed at many shooting places all over the world. Believe me, this is the best. Maximum Service and competence. Extreme professional Team. Place and weapons are in excellent condition. Team have really deep knowledge. I am sure that I will stay there many times more. Special thanks to Mr. Cankov for excellent training with many new Information for me. When you stay one time there you will not feel as client. You will be welcomed as friend. Thank you and see you next time!”

Timo, Germany

“An amazing and very professional experience! The staff are professional and kind alike, they will try and teach you a current stance and handling of the firearm of your choosing, I have picked a package that isn’t supposed to give you a lot of skills yet I have learned a lot, I appreciate it very much and I highly recommend it! Priced just right and worth every single cent!!! I will definitely be back.”

Johnny C.

“Amazing venue, attentive staff, awesome experience! I had heard great things about TPC 360, so decided it was high time to visit during my last trip home. As а complete beginner, I was a bit apprehensive and tense at first. The instructors were incredibly patient and thorough with their explanations & directions and soon all my jitters were gone and I utterly enjoyed every second of it. The venue is equipped with outstanding gear; staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable. We started with a safety briefing and then the rest of the experience was catered to me as a newbie along with many interesting and educational bits about the weapons used and available. The center is one of a kind and highly recommend it…. I am looking forward to my next visit in the summer as they are expanding so more ranges and targets will be available!”

Emunka, London

“Truly a great experience overall, the staff and instructors were friendly, very knowledgeable, professional and safe. There are a variety of different courses you can take and if you just want to shoot for fun you can do that as well. The ranges are well maintained, with no shortage of fun targets to shoot from steel to paper zombies. Great selection of firearms that we were briefed on how to handle safely.”

Abdul A.

“We have booked a 3 days training and it was absolutely fabulous. We have learned a lot of things and all the instructors were very professional. Thank you very much to all the team.”