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Firearm Safety


Glock 17/19 General Competency


Anatomy of the first shot with a handgun – half day course

The first shot that comes out of the barrell is an integral part of the shooting process – regardless of the type of firearm that is being used. That statement implies with specific importance every time a handgun is concerned. There is a specific algorithm that allows the shooter to be successful in the process of hitting the target when the gun is drawn out of the holster. Learn this necessary skill that will make you a better shooter.

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Duration: 4 hours of range time

200 rounds of ammunition
High qualified instructors
Shooting range
Safety equipment

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AR-15/M4 General Competency Course

The class consists of both classroom and range time. The goal of this class is to provide knowledge of operating AR-15 / M4 type of rifle. At the end of those 4 hours the student will be able to shoot such a platform in safe and efficient manner. 

The course covers the following topics: 
• Safety procedures – how to handle a firearm in safe manner 
• Description of the operating system & parts 
• Stripping and reassembling the AR-15 platform 
• Intro to Marksmanship Elements: Stance, Grip, Trigger control, Visual Acceptability
• Different firearm manipulations: mag changes, dealing with malfunctions
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