Tactical Performance Center

is the leading US Shooting Academy. We have quantified our system in the form of physical laws, principles, and concepts that are based on the laws of nature and science. It can be applied at different angles to create more effective ways of controlling or directing the firearm.

Our goals are to get you to think about your shooting, apply the principles of science and peak performance to your shooting and become aware of things you may not have known before.

We are happy to announce that we already operate in Europe.

Our mission is safety, quality and excellent service!

The services we offer are fully consistent with the requirements and the latest trends in the field of firearm training for staff and shooting sports enthusiasts.


Available for our customers are:

  • Highly qualified Bulgarian, Greek, Czech Republic, USA and British instructors with huge military experience and grand masters ranking;
  • Bulgarian and British Training Certification;
  • Various calibers – short and long-barreled firearms and ammunition varying from .22LR to 308.Winchester with or without red dots and optics;
  • Shooting gear – holsters, belts, magazine pouches, plate carriers, eye and ear protection and etc.;
  • Simunition FX training for civilians – ammo, firearms, protection and certified instructors;
  • 7 outdoor multifunction pistol ranges of different sizes – length of 15 to 50 meters and width of 12 to 20 meters;
  • 50 meters long and 15 meters width indoor rifle range – shooting in 360 degrees (under certain conditions for advance shooters), shooting downwards from a tower;
  • Varied in size and type obstacles, simulating walls;
  • Varied in size and type reactive Hardox 500 metal targets with moving mechanisms – allows the option to shoot with rifle calibers;
  • Available night shooting with night vision, thermal cameras and laser pointers;
  • Real cars that can be used for shooting exercises;
  • Full set of handheld and car radios for exercises;
  • 2 classrooms accommodating up to 30 people each;
  • 600 sq. meters heated indoor exercise room;
  • Medical service equipment;
  • Hotel of 60 beds capacity;
  • Hotel for firearms;
  • Transport to the shooting range;
  • Catering;
  • Security Parking;
  • Full Wi-Fi coverage of the complex, free of charge;
  • Coffee and soft drinks.