Get Better with the Principles WINNERS Use

From USPSA to Steel Challenge and other types of practical shooting competitions, our students show up at or near the top in their divisions. If you want to dramatically improve your competitive performance, then it is time to take this course.

Unleash the Performer Within

This class focuses on helping you understand peak performance and how to access it on demand. You will be expected to work hard and you will be challenged to perform. You will change both your beliefs and your self-image about what is possible and what you can do as a competitor.

This class is a great way for you to start off your competition season by getting everything tuned up. We will help get your skills dialed in so that you can spend the season winning.

This course uses our proven Scientific Shooting System to combine the science of performance with the best shooting techniques in the world. It is 100% oriented to competitive shooting performance.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced competition shooters will realize immediate performance improvement as we show you how to use these principles in your training program.

Who is this course for?

  • You want to be a much better shooter and performer in competition shooting events
  • You want to learn how to practice effectively and efficiently
  • You have reached a performance plateau and are STUCK at a certain classification level
  • You feel you are capable of much better performance but you don’t know how to get there
  • You want a system that is tailored to your unique mental and physical characteristics
  • You want to feel confident in your skills and feel like you have the best training available

The course includes:

  • The Fire Control Triangle – create the ultimate platform for top performance in high speed shooting and accuracy
  • The Reactive Shooting Cycle – the ability for self-diagnosis
  • Advanced visual concepts for higher efficiency
  • Advanced drawing and target acquisition
  • Multiple target engagement – Learn how to engage multiple targets with accurate hits in the absolute minimum time.
  • The most efficient way to transition from position to position
  • The most efficient way to transition from position to position
  • Strong hand, weak hand shooting
  • How to practice, what to practice, and how to set up a training program
  • Using video to increase your performance
  • Setting up guns and gear for high performance shooting
  • Mental training skills and strategies for performance under pressure
  • Analyzing stages, match strategy and designing a competition tactics


Some experience as a competitive shooter. Completely new competitors should consider attending our Intro to Competition and Handgun Mastery course. Taking these extra steps will prepare you to excel as a shooter/competitor and get even more from this course. BTW: Experienced competitors will also benefit greatly from taking our Handgun Mastery Course. Our Handgun Mastery Course helps everyone from beginner up to GM’s – the path to mastery is to perfect the CORE skills!


  • Quality eye and ear protection (we recommend electronic)
  • Serviceable/safe handgun (corresponding the USPSA divisions rules) and competition practical shooting equipment (rig, belt, and bag pouches)
  • Good athletic shoes that you use in competition (any kind of cleats are recommended but not required)
  • Knee pads
  • Hat and clothing to suit the weather and the brass. We recommend that high neck shirts be worn.
  • To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring an athletic tape
  • Water/electrolyte drinks/snacks to keep up your energy
  • A notebook/pen or pencil