Developing a Skill

Any responsible gun owner needs to put some thought into achieving some level of proficiency with a firearm. Depending on the level of commitment and personal needs and desires, he or she must set a goal to achieve and maintain. It is understandable that many gun owners do not have or do not want to invest too much time in training and development of their marksmanship skills and level of proficiency with their firearms, but in order to achieve a satisfactory result, a certain level of commitment and a good understanding of the process of developing a skill are required. Yes, there is a specific and very organized process to develop a skill. There are principles that are equally applicable in every martial art or athletic discipline.

The Science of Reactive Shooting – Building a Shooting System

A complete shooting system is a set of beliefs, principles, procedures, techniques and ideas that are grouped together and work together in harmony to create performance. Ideally it works in a synergistic fashion where the whole performance created is greater than the sum of its contributing parts.

We believe that in order to reach your true potential, you need a complete system that is ready to go and that you know how to use extremely well. You must have a clear and accurate picture in your mind of what it looks like in its totality; how each part contributes to it; how it is organized and where everything fits in your system.

Over time, you will gain new information and insights and apply this information into the relevant parts of your system to increase your overall performance.

If you do not understand what your system is, how it works, principles behind it, how to adapt or change it over time by improving key elements in an organized way then you will never reach your true potential.

Shooting well involves a series of coordinated activities, both mental and physical, that must be done in the correct sequence in order to be successful. In order to shoot fast and accurately under pressure you need a complete set of mental and physical skills as well as a very detailed picture of how everything works together to contribute to it.

Science and Doctrine

We use philosophies and scientific principles which we follow in our training model. What we believe and practice will need to be codified so we can examine and proof these beliefs and have others examine them. In this way, everyone can examine them in detail and explore them. As each of you develop new insights or gain a new perspective; you can change, adjust, understand or explain things in more detail and gain a higher or wider level of performance that will benefit all.

  • We believe in using adult learning principles.
  • We believe in very high detail training and have been doing it for many years
  • We believe that performance doesn’t wear a uniform and that the power of the human spirit is what is important.

These are all part of our guiding philosophies that we share with our students.