TPC Challenges Hall of Fame

We use the TPC Challenges Rating and its components to assess students, to objectively verify they are ready to move to new levels of training and standards, and also to help put students under stress so we can verify performance, focus and confidence.

Competition remains a controversial part of the Reactive Shooting Model among students as well as trainers.

For us, competition is a test of self. It is a place where I get to find out how good I am against people who are trying to beat you. It is a place where you get to test things to see how well they work. we learn all the time while competing. We strengthen our self- image, subconscious and conscious mind and learn to deal with psychological pressure. We learn to accept fear, doubt and hesitation and simply stay in the moment.

TPC Challenges tests and improves your emotional readiness to perform. It gives you confidence and faith in your ability when you have to do something on demand. It shows your weaknesses as well and what areas you need to improve on for next time.

How good are you? How do you know?

You can rate yourselves among your shooting buddies. Or maybe your qualification scores on your department or unit quals (usually far too easy).

You also have the unique opportunity to compare yourself with some of the best in the reactive shooting world.


See the shooters achieved Grand Master performance witnessed by a TPC instructor. Their names will be recognized in Tactical Performance Center hall of fame. They receive the coin of a TPC Grand Master.

Challenge NameTitle AchievedShooters NameScoreDate
TPC Draw MasterGrand MasterLouie Tirona50 pts09.24.2020
TPC Draw Master Grand MasterRossen Hristov50 pts12.13.2020
TPC Draw MasterGrand MasterKostadin Krushkov50 pts08.12.2020
TPC Diminishing DotGrand MasterGavin HamblinTime 2:2606.20.2020
TPC Diminishing DotGrand MasterJune EgiTime 2:3906.20.2020
TPC 24Grand MasterBrian NelsonHF 18.3209.09.2018
TPC GripsterGrand MasterLouie TironaTime 1:8011.12.2020
TPC GripsterGrand MasterRossen HristovTime 1:5501.10.2021
TPC Diminishing Dot Grand MasterBrian NelsonTime 2:2901.17.2021