Handgun Mastery Program

This is our core program. It is designed for anyone with the desire to dramatically improve their shooting performance, whether as defenders, armed professionals, firearms instructors, competitive shooters or legal gun owners.

Our Handgun Mastery Program is the best way to develop your potential. It is the path to being the best shooter you can be – to being the best shooter on your range or on your department. It is the path to mastery.

You can take the initial course once and see amazing benefits. If you so choose, you can return as we help you progress through a series of skills measurements ending, potentially, at becoming among the best in the world. The course program is so exclusive because it is equally relevant for less experienced shooters up to the highest performers in the field. Everyone will gain a level of knowledge appropriate to one’s level of skill and desire. That is one of the reasons, Handgun Mastery is so unique.

We focus not just on shooting skill but also on the knowledge and mindset to improve and gain consistent performance. This program grounds the students solidly in Reactive Shooting Science(tm) with an emphasis on building consistently high performers with a handgun.

Handgun Mastery 2

By completing Handgun Mastery 1, you demonstrated an effective understanding of fire control principles and a working knowledge of Reactive Shooting Science.

Now, in Handgun Mastery 2, we are going deeper in our journey to master the handgun. We will focus on the small details that differentiate an expert and a master. We will test your ability to preserve quality marksmanship performance adding additional distractions, stress and time pressure.

Level 2 focuses on principles and techniques to get you back shooting as soon as possible. Level 2 will provide solutions to get the gun reloaded and on target sooner; reacting on random stimuli; staying mentally calm while making quick decisions; performing effective execution; dealing with malfunctions; and efficiently engaging multiple targets while moving.

Don’t guess at your level of competence but put yourself to the test and measure your progress with multiple addicting TPC challenges!

Once you’ve solved the problem, we make sure that you can recover and apply the fundamentals to an even higher degree even with a higher cognitive load of problem-solving while applying marksmanship developing the mental toughness needed for any environment.

This course is designed and suitable for intermediate and advanced shooters. Graduation from Handgun Mastery 1 is highly recommended but not required.


  • In depth core skills refinement and a high level of understanding of the TPC reactive shooting principles.
  • Developing the ability to preserve high level of performance under pressure and additional distractions.
  • Reloads – Fast, failure-free reloads from slide lock, tactical reloads, principles and effective techniques.
  • Strong / support hand shooting – how to develop total control  
  • Engaging targets from multiple directions – pivots and turns.
  • How to arrive in a shooting position and deliver the first shot sooner 
  • Shooting on the move – Cover ground efficiently while making effective hits on multiple targets. Revealing the essential principles how to preserve the shooting platform while moving.
  • Total focus on overall improvement and mastering top performance with a handgun.


  • Quality eye and ear protection (we highly recommend electronic ear pro)
  • 1700 rounds of ammunition
  • A reliable service type or competition handgun and at least three spare magazines
  • A backup handgun if you have one, just in case!
  • A sturdy belt, OWB kydex type holster that protects the trigger and several mag pouches
  • A hat and clothing to suit the weather and protect you from ejected brass. We recommend that high neck shirts be worn.
  • To keep your hands more comfortable through the learning process, we recommend that you bring an athletic tape.
  • Water/electrolyte drinks/snacks to keep up your energy
  • A notebook/pen or pencil