We want to train your unit or agency!

Choosing a new training partner is a big decision to make.

We can bring one of your key people here for training, or we can send one of ours there for a sample course.

We customize 5-day, 3-day, 2 day, 1, and 1/2-day modules for handgun/carbine.

We can come to your POST Academy (or in-service training) and provide shooting skill training integrated into your existing lesson plans.

  • We teach a powerful system called “Reactive Shooting Science.”
  • We offer Instructor Development and Certification courses that teach your trainers how to use this system. TPC Instructor Development courses significantly improve handgun or carbine shooting skill, teaching skills, problem diagnosis, corrective techniques, and can optionally certify instructor shooting or teaching ability. Instructors become better shooters and also learn to identify, diagnose, and fix students based on principles that apply to any student’s experience level.
  • We offer Skill Development courses that teach your personnel how to use this system to dramatically improve their shooting performance. Our method of shooting works efficiently regardless the physical size or strength of the students. It adapts to them.
  • A key tenet we utilize is measurement – you will know skill levels precisely through the use of our TPC rating system.


To provide the firearms instructors, officers and personnel the skills and abilities to understand and apply the Reactive Shooting Science system of high-performance shooting.

Our Handgun / Carbine Skill courses focus on skill development backed by our TPC rating system that provides an objective measure of skill level and improvement. Don’t guess if your officers or unit is improving – measure it!


Through a combination of lecture, group discussion, demonstration and testing, each student will learn how to practically apply the concepts of Reactive Shooting to enhance the agency’s instructional foundation of imparting life-saving skills to the agents and personnel.

Each student will learn the principles of Reactive Shooting Science and how to apply those principles on an individual basis with both the handgun and carbine/patrol rifle. They will then learn how to diagnose shooter deficiencies using these principles and how to improve those they teach and mentor. Each student will have ample opportunities to demonstrate proficiency, competency and understanding of these principles. Every participant will have to successfully complete both practical and written tests in order to successfully complete the course of instruction.

To schedule a training or for questions please call – 435 767 1299

Or contact us at:

E-mail: sales@tacticalperformancecenter.com


Principles of high-performance marksmanship

  • Fire Control Triangle – purposes, principles, and techniques of the stance, grip and trigger control for high-speed shooting, maintaining high level accuracy
  • Types of trigger manipulations
  • Reactive Shooting Cycle – the “algorithm” of the shot
  • Visual acceptability
  • Focal continuum – different types of focus and vision methods
  • The secrets of the high- efficiency target transitions, engaging multiple targets.
  • Achieving total control while shooting strong or support hand only.
  • The effective, high speed draw/presentation.
  • Principles of shooting on the move

Weapons manipulations

Methods for diagnostics (students’ performance)

  • Reading a shooting group patterns
  • Most common shooting problems and errors – instant fix of the problem
  • Mental analogies and representations

Mental aspects of the high performance with a firearm

The Tactical Decision Making Equation

  • Learn a systematic method for arriving at sound decisions that mitigate liability for the agency. This equation will allow for a consistent formula of decision making and evaluation.

Building a Training System

Levels of competency

Hierarchy of Skills

Methods of training

  • Verbal
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Department/Agency Training Considerations

TPC skills rating system – metrics for progress and skill development

TPC Mission Statement:



“It’s by far the best shooting course I’ve ever taken, and without TPC I wouldn’t be the performance shooter or instructor that I am today.”

– F.R., Former Navy SEAL

“After 21 years of service in some highly respected units (2/7 Marines Scout Sniper Platoon, 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Special Forces Group) and 9 combat deployments, I felt I had a pretty good handle on firearms and tactics. After taking a Tactical Performance Center Handgun Mastery course, I learned that was not the case.”

– P.T. Former Army Ranger / U.S. Marie Corps Scout Sniper

“I highly recommend TPC for anyone interested in increasing their gun handwriting skills. the level of detail in the instruction was excellent.”

– Team Leader, Federal SWAT Tac Team

“TPC earned my respect and admiration within the first few hours… I saw improvement in each evolution of training.”

– SWAT officer, Seattle Police Dept.

“The best training, I have been to in 8 years in the air force.”

– Combat Arms Firearms Instructor, USAF

“I learned more in this class than in 22 years of law enforcement.”

– Deputy, Orange County Sheriff Dept (California)

“This course was amazing. The boundaries of what humans can do is constantly being pushed thanks to techniques, technology and training.”

– SWAT Instructor, Sandy Police Department (UT)

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