Let's Talk Shooting!

This is where we try out new ways of doing things, experiment and test theories, try out new gadgets and improve our program.

We are not interested in just adapting something to fit somewhere. I want the whole system to evolve into a much better system over time. As we grow in our knowledge and experience over time, we find that our beliefs and perspectives change over time as well. From these shifts in beliefs come a new perspective which in turn drives change and innovation. I don’t do something to be different or so I can put my name on something. I do it because it has been proven to be better than what we were using before.

In summary, the Reactive Shooting Model is a way to look at the totality of reactive shooting as a whole and see how different areas of training integrate together and contribute to overall performance. The techniques, principles, training methods and philosophies need to mesh together to create a powerful synergy.

It is our belief that each of these areas are necessary to train in if you truly wish to be the best you can be and have the greatest range of top performance in differing environments or situations.