We measure our success through our students success!

We say what we do and do what we say. We use our own doctrine to improve our skills. We train our instructors in our doctrine. And when we can improve it, we do. We are not mired in dogmatic theory! You may shoot different from the person next to you in a class – but you will be as fast and as accurate as can be done with your body, mind and weapon.


“It’s by far the best shooting course I’ve ever taken, and without TPC I wouldn’t be the performance shooter or instructor that I am today.”

– F.R., Former Navy SEAL

“After 21 years of service in some highly respected units (2/7 Marines Scout Sniper Platoon, 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Special Forces Group) and 9 combat deployments, I felt I had a pretty good handle on firearms and tactics. After taking a Tactical Performance Center Handgun Mastery course, I learned that was not the case.”

– P.T. Former Army Ranger / U.S. Marie Corps Scout Sniper

“I highly recommend TPC for anyone interested in increasing their gun handwriting skills. the level of detail in the instruction was excellent.”

– Team Leader, Federal SWAT Tac Team

“TPC earned my respect and admiration within the first few hours… I saw improvement in each evolution of training.”

– SWAT officer, Seattle Police Dept.

“The best training, I have been to in 8 years in the air force.”

– Combat Arms Firearms Instructor, USAF

“I learned more in this class than in 22 years of law enforcement.”

– Deputy, Orange County Sheriff Dept (California)

“This course was amazing. The boundaries of what humans can do is constantly being pushed thanks to techniques, technology and training.”

– SWAT Instructor, Sandy Police Department (UT)