TPC 24

FOCUS: Fire Control Triangle – Stance, Grip and Trigger Control

Distance 7 yards

Start Position:

Start from the Imminent threat position – (Handgun partially extended towards the targets, bellow line of vision, chin level height, elbows bend 90 degrees, shooter asses the target over the slide of the gun). Safety is disengaged, DA/SA handguns – hammer cocked.


On timer signal, present the gun and engage the target with 8 shots in a rapid manner.
Entire course consists 3 strings of 8 shots each. Each string is performed separate with an individual start signal.

Main Goals:

To find the balance between speed and accuracy when firing the gun at combat (gunfight) speed. Тo verify the efficiency of the Fire Control Triangle (stance, grip and
trigger control) at such speed.

Start Position


Point of impact must break outer rectangle line. Each hit in the gray rectangle brings 5 points, shots outside do not score as a penalty but have value of 0 points. The sum of the points accumulated in the three strings, divided by the total time forms the final score. The result is called a hit factor (HF) The higher the HF, the better the shooter’s performance. (If we divide HF by 5 we will find out how many accurate shots are made in one second.)

Hit Factor Ranking

HF 18.00 or higher – Grand Master

HF 17.00 – 17.99 – Master

HF 16.00 – 16.99 – Expert

HF 14.00 – 15.99 – Distinguished Marksman

HF 10.00 – 13.99 – Sharp Shooter

HF 8.50 – 9.99 – Disciple

HF 6.50 – 8.49 – Wish Master