TPC Double Impact

FOCUS: Target to target transitions.

Distance 4 yards

Start position and time:  

  • Handgun loaded, compressed low ready position (handclap position)
  • Safety is not engaged, DA/SA handguns – hammer cocked
  • Par time: 3 sec.


  • On signal engage both targets with one shot only (no makeup shots are allowed)
  • 5 repetitions – left to right and right to left (alternating). Shooter chooses which direction to start first.
  • The shooter needs to perform the entire repetition within 3 sec. par time
  • Distance between targets (outer dotted line circle)– 1 yard

Start Position


  • Time measured is the transition split only (time between the first and second shot)
  • Both shots must land inside the scoring zone (at least touching the dotted line)
  • Failure to land inside the scoring zone or a negative score will result in a 0 score for that particular repetition.
  • Score per repetition is calculated as total points divided by the transition time (Ex. 10/0.40 = 25 Hit Factor)
  • Final score is the total of the Hit Factors divided by 5 (average Hit Factor)


25 and higher HF –   Transition Grand Master

24.99 – 20 HF        –   Transition Master

19.99 – 16 HF        –   Transition Expert

15.99 – 14 HF        –   Distinguished Marksman

13.99 – 12 HF        –   Sharp Shooter

11.99 – 10 HF        –   Disciple