We offer Skill Development courses that theach your instructors and personnel how to apply our system efficiently and how to dramatically improve their shooting performance and the ability for self-diagnostics.

Self Defence

Don’t rely on chance – create and control your own environment. Understand the algorithm of tactical decision making for any situation. Learn how to wind a gunfight.


From USPSA to Steel Challenge and other types of Practical Shooting competitions, our students show up at or near the top in their divisions. if you want to dramatically improve your performance, it’s time to unleash the performer within.


Our goals are to get you to think about your shooting, apply the principles of science and peak performance to your shooting and become aware of things you may not have known before or were really not applying correctly.

We have quantified our system in the form of physical laws, principles, and concepts that are based on the laws of nature and science. It can be applied at different angles to create more effective ways of controlling or directing the firearm.

Shooting is both an art and a science. It uses the laws of physics, motor learning and behavior and human psychology. Defensive shooting, in addition to the above, utilizes the laws of armed conflicts learned over many years.

We must all follow the same laws of nature and the principles our discipline is based on. We simply interpret them as best we can and try to improve our skills. As you gain in knowledge and understanding of these principles, you learn to adapt them in a new way and gain a higher level of skill and mastery.


Trusted by Armed Professionals All Over The World

He provided firearms training to all branches of the military, select government agencies hundreds of federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agents, and countless clients in the private sector.


“It’s by far the best shooting course I’ve ever taken, and without TPC I wouldn’t be the performance shooter or instructor that I am today.”

– F.R., Former Navy SEAL

“I highly recommend TPC for anyone interested in increasing their gun handling skills. the level of detail in the instruction was excellent.”

– Team Leader, Federal SWAT Tac Team

“The best training, I have been to in 8 years in the air force.”

– Combat Arms Firearms Instructor, USAF


Why Train with TPC

A System that Adapts to You

Our doctrine, “Reactive Shooting”, is the science of using the body, mind, biomechanics and the physics of the gun to maximize the certainty of a hit in high-speed shooting. You may have a different style from the person next to you in the class – but it will be as fast and as accurate as can be done with your body, mind and weapon.

We Say What We Do and Do What We Say

We answer the core questions: WHAT?, HOW?, WHEN? and WHY? We use our own doctrine to improve our shooting. We train our instructors to be experts in our doctrine. It works! And when we can improve it, we do. We are not mired in dogmatic theory that is 40 years old, we constantly learn, improve, test, and adapt what we teach and do.

Realistic Measurement

We train to hit a combat effective zone at gunfight speed on difficult targets or maximum distance (safer!). Our TPC Rating system lets you know where you stand versus the best in the world. It helps you keep improving (and know you are getting better) as you continue training after the course is over.

Positive Teaching

We use positive teaching methods that let you know what to do, versus what not to do. We are a shooting academy you can feel confident to bring your family, or professional unit and expect all to be treated with courtesy and respect


All our instructors are top 10th of a % in the world shooters. The better news… they are higher than that on teaching and caring about student results.